Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gmail Motion Launched

Never mind the fact that Gmail Motion was launched on April Fool's 2011. Never mind the fact that it needs a built-in webcam to be used which runs contrary to the development of touch-screen technology. Never mind the things you think about all the bad things that could come out with this Google's latest innovation.

Never mind.

But do keep tab of what Google team had in mind when they worked on Gmail motion:

"In 1874 the QWERTY keyboard was invented. In 1963, the world was introduced to the mouse. Some 50 years later, we’ve seen the advent of microprocessors, high resolution webcams, and spatial tracking technology. But all the while we’ve continued to use outdated technology to interact with devices. Why?

This is a question that we’ve been thinking about a lot at Google, and we’re excited to introduce our first attempts at next generation human computer interaction: Gmail Motion. Gmail Motion allows you to control Gmail — composing and replying to messages — using your body."
So what's all this stuff got to do with special education, occupational therapy and chess which is three of the many topics you can find in this blog?

Gmail Motion will serve the physically handicapped, the computer users who need to move and the users who are kinesthetic by nature. Gmail motion can help too for chess players, no need to touch the screen or move the mouse?

Just joking regarding the chess part but who knows?

Here's  Paul MacDonald, product manager of Gmail:

By the way, here's something you can include in your daily workout:

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