Friday, March 18, 2011

Start of a New World: Global Destruction

The list is piling up. Haiti, New Zealand and recently Japan. These nations were all hit by earthquakes and suffered the devastation it brought to the people and economy. The Philippines have had its share too with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and Tsunamis.

To make matters worse, Middle Eastern countries and those from North Africa specifically Libya and Lebanon are fighting. People are dying from all sorts of diseases and natural calamities.

Social unrest and moral decay are seen. Internet, video games and Hollywood lifestyle are the surest way to hell.

It has been written a long, long time ago. It had happened too in the time of Noah when God cleansed the world with the Deluge.

From what I've heard, this time, our generation will end with fire, not with water. Planet Earth will have to go on a restart mode and the countdown to global destruction has began fifty years ago.

Watch this video and please pray for everyone's safety:

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