Monday, March 21, 2011

Solution to Susan Polgar Chess Puzzle

I checked Susan Polgar's chess blog today and the recently posted article was the diagram below:

Now, it is not that really easy and quick to solve most of the chess tactics posted there but this one I found a bit easy. If I were playing with the white pieces, I would have the following continuation:

1. Rf8+  BxRf8  2.Ng6+  hxg6 (If ...2.Kg8 then 3.Bd5+ Ne6  4.BxNe6#) 3.hxg6+ Kg8  4.Bd5+  Ne6 5. BxNe6#

Did I get it right?

Congratulations to Ino Sadorra for finally bagging the GM title! Ino went to La Camelle School in Bacoor for his elementary schooling. The same school where I taught children with special needs for some time. Another Bacoor boy taking the GM title.

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