Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chess Lessons for Free

I gave up up the lifestyle of a freelance teacher, chess coach and resource speaker. I took a teaching job in the only fully accredited international school in the Philippines by IBO, I have stayed away from over-the-board chess games and  contented myself with  1 minute games over at

Sometimes I would check Chessbase and to my surprise, they would publish articles that's very useful for everyone. Chess blogs do give bits of chess news here and there too but the big boys of online chess publishing is simply at the top of their game-- none comes close to second.

Chessbase offers the following lessons for free: Master Moves 1-5 and GM Efstratios Grivas' Lecture Series.

I guess the suburban full moon tonight and these articles make a good companion for the next two hours. Enjoy them!

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