Saturday, January 29, 2011

Esteban School Wins 4th MISAA Chess

The Chess Team of Esteban School captured the crown of the Middle Years Program (MYP) Division of the 4th Manila International Schools Athletic Association (MISAA) Chess Tournament yesterday at the Auditorium of the Beacon School, Taguig City.

There were three participating schools for the fourth edition of MISAA chess tournament, St. Scholastica's College-Westgrove with four teams, Beacon School and Esteban School. Chief arbiter for the event was NA Gatz Luz while Richard Sales acted as the tournament director.

MISAA is a league composed of schools having an average student population of five hundred and below with a mission to provide students a venue where they can play and compete in sports in the context of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Although there were some questionable behaviors coming from one of the coaches during the tournament, I can say that the event served its purpose and provided the student-players the necessary experience to further their skills in the game.

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds:

Esteban School with Game Points (GP) of 19 and Match Points (MP) of 10. St. Scholastica's College Westgrove A (GP) 13.5 and (MP) 7. Beacon School (GP) 12.5 and (MP) 7. St. Scholastica - W B took the 4th spot, D took the fifth and C on the 6th.

Individual board performance after 5 rounds for my team, Beacon School:

Board 1: Isa, 4 points with a rating performance of 1640. Good for a silver medal award.
Board 2: Jae Ha, 3 points with a rating performnace of 1472. Good for a 4th place position.
Board 3: James, 2.5 points with a rating performance of 1400. Good for a 3rd place spot.
Board 4: Tomas, 3 points with a rating performance of 1472.   Good for a 4rd place position.

Photos from the event to follow. See you soon guys!

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