Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lecture-Seminar with Jesus Good Shepherd School-Imus

Last October 27, Wednesday, I shared an afternoon with the grade school teachers of Jesus Good Shepherd School to discuss and lecture on the introductory topic "Spotting and Addressing Learning Difficulty in the Regular Classroom Setting".

We started the lecture-seminar exactly 1 in the afternoon, got one long break of 20 minutes and anorher break for 5 minutes. We ended around 6 in the evening and I felt I can still share and impart thoughts and ideas about learning difficulties in the regular classroom.

Claire joined me the whole afternoon, assisting me with the presentation so I can focus on the discussion part while she deals with the technical issues of the presentation.

I would like to thank the teachers of the grade school department of The Jesus Good Shepherd School for a wonderful and learning experience you all shared with me, to Sister Ales Paz, the school principal who envisions a school atmosphere that provides an education that cares. Thanks to the guidance counsellor of JGSS too, Sister  Lolita J. Guibac.

And as promised, here is the presentation that you can review anytime you want:

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