Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The last post

Hi there!

Nope! Am not going to say goodbye to you guys nor take a break from blogging about this community of chess playing country. Do not be misled with the post title we have now.

I am referring to the last post I made before this one... The NCAA Chess Tournety which I watched over the weekend.

Someone commented on it and he/she scholar-listically explained his/her side about it. Like standing behind ones opponent is part of chess strategy...counter-attack...

Ok! I maybe a novice, a beginner, a complete newbie in this game of chess. But hey! I was lucky enough to have the time and resources to watch international tournaments held recently in our country and somehow, I never saw anyone, from a GM to an untitled player, stand behind his/her opponent so close that one can hear the other breathing. Tell me, is that all part of the strategy? hheheh! It amounts to something like "hey, c'mon, would you lik me to show you the move which would end your suffering?" Hahahahahah!

Again, it could have been a different school, could have been from the blue compound run by our beloved Jesuit priests. The sad thing is, it came from my beloved sister/brother school, One-La Salle school. Yes! The system we ave now for all DLSU schools is called One La Salle.

Maybe chess is really a violent game. No blood but all symbols point towards it. Or maybe we are seeing the development of the all-crazy community of chess players, my goodness!

What would have Holden Caulfield thought of this if he was still alive?

Again, chess is suppose to make you a better person. (PERIOD)

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  1. Mr. Kiko,

    It is nice of you to watch the Chess games at your most convenient time. Hardly am I impressed by your comments of being a good doer and righteousness attitude.

    I too am a La Sallian and have watched the games. Pardon my reaction but you are not any close to what you have commented against the poor defenseless boys who is the object of your commentary.

    Di ba it is best to double check your information before you start lambasting others specially if it pertains to querstionable incidents or behavior . Kawawa naman ang mga bata no way to defend themselves.

    I can answer you point by point if only to enlighten your very biased observation coming from an insider who have been watching at a more closer view of the games.

    True Board 4 of CSB-LSGH lost due to a technical rule of 20 moves...

    NCAA rules do not allow talking without permission of the arbiter during games.

    an hour earlier the LSGH boys were being reminded of the rules.

    There was never an instance that the boys were all milled around the back of the poor UPHC boys.

    Are you familiar with NCAA Rules/ If not please read so that before you start shooting from the hip you know the rules that the boys are following then it will enlighten you. all the boys after the games are required to step out of the playing area.

    Do you know how strict the rules are that we ourselves police the area itself because any infraction may coz the participants penalties.

    You say or insinuated Board 3 and Board 2 players were arguing, It never occurred but a simple conversation since the arbiter and game officials were there at the time of the incident. If the boys were caught talking they can be disqualified. Instead the boys had to vent their comments subtlely to the coaching staff standing and sitting right next to them in the bench. I do not find any rudeness on the part of the boys but mainly self expression of dissatisfaction and there was never any instance that the boys were nasty or on the verge of fighting.

    You dont know the relations of the boys to each other so you have no right to judge them.

    Lstly the board one player pointing to the poor boy of UPHDC neither occurred instead a few minutes after the board 4 loss, LSGH Board 1 player raised his right hand to call the attention of the Arbiter also to report the infraction of the board one player of UPHDC. He was pointing to the clock and not the person.

    I wonder how you can interpret things out of context to the extent of of maligning the boys of their true values. There was never an instance of any display of disrespect to anyone much more create a scene to dishonor the name of our alma mater.

    Maybe next time before you start writing negative comments piliin mo ang facts mo na correct factual and most of all compassionate because you are writing about minors. Boys are boys but being La sallians they know they are bound by the school regulations when they go out to represent the school.

    I was there and I am answering you point blank that your comments against the LSGH boys is wrong, misplaced and full of wrong information.

    I hope this will be an enlightenment for you that we too are present and are not blind nor deaf. we know the truth and the truth shall prevail.

    Alex Ramos
    Program Director


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