Thursday, July 19, 2007



UNHERALDED Emerson Barrion of Olongapo City defeated former solo leader Jerry Areque of Bacolod City in the seventh and final round to rules the 1st Haring Bastos 2050 and Below Open Chess Tournament over the weekend at the Robinso's Balibago Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Barrion who finished with 6.5 points won the black pieces after 25 pushes against Areque in their final encounter to went home the championships trophy plus the top prize worth P4,000 in this event which is backed up by Sydney, Australia based Angelito Camer.

Areque on the other hand was stuck at 6.0 points that put him in a tie for 2nd to 4th placers in the company of Giovanni Orazzaga and Clement Valledor of Quezon City. The trio receive medal and P1,366 each for their effort in the event organize by Good Move Chess Club headed by multi-titled coach National Master Homer Cunanan.

Adjudged category winner were WNM Kimberly Jane Cunanan (top Lady), Darlito Pascual (top 50 years old and above), Homel Aristotle Cunanan (top Under 12), Jelly Joy Valdez (top Under 16), Jeremy Calilung (top Under 20), Cezar Magdangal (top Unrated), Romeo Lopez, (top Pampanga).

What an event name? Haring Bastos? so we can safely say that Emerson Barrion is the Haring Bastos for 2007? My God! Will never want to have my name or my loved ones names be associated with such title. For those who do not understand the FIlipino word Bastos, it means vulgar, inappropriate. the word Hari means King. King of Inappropriateness? The Vulgar King handing out his orders! Geeeh! Put this two together then you get something connected with gambling. My goodness!

Anyways, congratulations to the tournament winners!

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  1. Atty_CPA, your friend from the NCFP forumJuly 20, 2007 at 9:35 PM

    Being a Capampangan by blood (I can't speak the dialect since I was brought out of Pampanga 3 weeks after being born), I think the term "Haring Bastos" refers to one of the 4 kings in the card game Kwaho. There are four kings: one with swords, one with cups, one with coins and one with "bastos" (sort of looks like a cross between the club of Hercules and a cactus).


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