Saturday, June 1, 2013

Looking Back at 2012-2013

Today, June 1, 2013, is the very first day of my summer break from work. After the commencement exercises last night, I had a long impromptu chat with my friend Ricky at the parking lot. The usual review of the year and plans for next year.

Let me take this chance to look back at the year that was.

It was a good year and we had so much to thank for. Hearing the speakers for the night, the two student awardees and the special guest,  made me feel like I am home. It was interesting to listen to the thoughts and hopes of the leaders of the batch. They spoke of how the school nourished their lives, how the school has become their home in the last nine or ten years. They saw the school as a place where thy can be who they want to be and they did. They are the product of what the school is.

About my former colleague, I have all my prayers for her. She was the "Mother" I had when I was a newbie in my school. I had this great opportunity to work with her when she was working as the homeroom teacher for the fourth graders. Tears did fall from my eyes but I had to hold back. I didn't want to make a scene nor be noticed that I was crying. I thought I would see her after the ceremony but she left as soon as she was done with her speech.

I wanted to tell you this but I never had the chance:

Dear Mrs. Z, 

Thank you for the kindness and guidance you have shown me when you were with us. The time I had with you was short, maybe less than a year but those precious times I worked with you were remarkable. You were a mother to me without trying to. You gave me reminders about being a father and about being a teacher in Beacon. You shared stories and TOBLERON whenever you had a chance. You would always tell me that I was in a good place, I was in Beacon. I know now what you meant when you said that I was in a good place, I was in Beacon. Beacon is not just a school or a place for me to teach and work. Beacon is a family. 

Thank you so much. May the Lord our God guide you thru and give you more years to shower your loved ones with the same guidance and you have given me.

And the gifts.
Of all the gifts I received from my students last night, there was one I received where I felt my hair on my neck stood and my heart beat faster. The gift was a letter from my student, SB. The student wrote simple but meaningful letter in Filipino. It was a letter of thanks and a letter of looking back. It was heartfelt and it was the first thing I showed my wife and kids when I reached home. So to SB, thank you very much!

For my chess this year, we claimed the MISAA Chess Championship for the first time. I am now reaping the fruits of  more than two years of ground work with the students. As always, students will come and go but those who remain are the ones who truly loves the game of chess. The way I see it, our club will have a solid line up in the next two years. With the material that I have now, both PYP and MYP will play at a much higher lever this coming school year. Will we find a way to play for the DEPED Taguig Sports Meet? I don;t know.

For my Language B class, I have learned more about my subject this year. I have become more relaxed in teaching the units and has befriended the Language B guide more. I got into Pinoy Graphic Novels because of my Pop Culture unit. And now, my own kids are teasing me that my new chess is graphic novels or komiks.

For learning support, I have had the great opportunity to be part of SENIA-Manila. My coordinator, Ms. Y, asked us to present in the SENIA-Manila's Gathering of Professionals and it was great. Thanks!

But I still need to learn something more. It is in "doing" that we learn something more. I have to be more meticulous in my documentation. I have to, I need to.

It was a great year. Another year done, another year of fun.

Thanks much, thanks much!


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