Monday, May 13, 2013

Mid-term Elections 2013

Die Nasty!!! Die Nasty! Die, die, die!!! End the establishment and reign of political dynasties! Die Nasty! Die, die, die!!

Election time is here and now is the time to do something for the country, for the future of the country and that means your children and the children of your children. Election time is a great opportunity for us to participate in the democratic process which is our very right in the first place.

I wish for the following to happen:

1. All the political clans in the Philippines to stop from establishing a dynasty which ruins the democracy, real democracy, our country is trying to achieve. Die nasty!, die nasty!

2. Stop the personality-based voting. Just because he or she looks nice on TV, has a very accommodating persona or they come from a political family that is familiar to you.  Stop it please!

3. Equal rights to every Filipino. Stop the discrimination! Easy to say but truly difficult to achieve. But we can try and inch by inch, we might move forward.

4. Basic services be provided with ease of access among the Filipinos namely: Health, Education, Employment and Livelihood, Housing and Security.

Just these four and our country will be fine, just these four!

And here are some takes by KomikeroDOtCom guy, Gerry Alanguilan, about the Philippine Elections:

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