Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon November 2012

Tonight my kids went to their lolo's house, a few blocks away from our place, and watched the lunar eclipse. They were equipped with camera phones, iTouch and a bottle of anti-mosquito bites called Citronela. And they're back now with a lot of stories, pictures and mosquito bites. They went on the roofdeck but still managed to be bitten by these pesky mosquitoes.

And while they were away, I played some games over at ChessCube. Here's one interesting h-file, ala-back rank mate:


And since the tide is high and the lunatics are out, here is one event we don't want to see happening. The future of the people involved are definitely bleak and the victim's family are going to have Christmas with sore eyes and heavy hearts. The death of the US Marine, a Bel-Air Makati resident, in the hands of the five rich kids, was caught on closed-circuit television:


Though shall not kill.

And if you are a foreigner in a foreign land, respect the locals!

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