Friday, October 5, 2012

World Teacher's Day 2012

I never planned to post anything about this day, the World Teacher's Day. Reason? There's just too many days and dates to remember teachers and their undying love for learning.

Honestly, I remember it once was celebrated in February, then in December and now in October.

Are there really that many days to remember and celebrate teacher's day?

But my plan not to post any was changed because of the impromptu singing my students did at the end of the day. They sang to us to Happy Teacher's Day to the tune of Happy birthday! Wow! It was so simple and yet so powerful! I guess it was the twinkling in their eyes, the sincerity of their action that moved me.

Thanks to you Grade 8 Beacon School students, graduating class of 2013!

And here is a video shared to me by Maggie in celebration of. Maggie my co-teacher and the Sosyal Atenean-Choir Singer-American-Bisaya whose love for Aegis and Gloc9 rivals that of my love for Pinoy Pop Culture.

Salute to teachers:

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