Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Weekend's Best Finishes

I got my premium account for Chesscube and slowly I am discovering the advantages of having one. You get to play VIP-only tournaments with 150 cubit worth of prizes for the champion. I think I got 8 championships this afternoon and this one game I'm showing gave me my eighth. Visit the link here.

My black pieces were outnumbered. I was down on the exchange in the middle game that started with White's 22nd move exf6 but somehow found a small hope when I made my 30th move Rxe5. This was a harmless sacrifice but when my opponent took it, the trap was set. Six moves later, I gave an elementary checkmate with my Rook and Bishop against a cornered King.

And here is another game from the same tournament, with the black pieces against a higher-rated opponent:


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