Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Last Move from NBS First Move Tournament

Do you remember this neat, proud and professional-looking poster found in almost all National Bookstore branches around the country?

Last October 6, 2012, the NBS First Move Chess Tournament series had its last edition at the Sports Loop of Robinson's Galleria.

Some of the good things that will always be remembered about this tournament:
  • Tournament schedule begins and ends on time.
  • Equipment were always enough for the players. 
  • Provided beginners the opportunity to play in a tournament atmosphere.
  • The playing hall gave the players the comfort they needed to play the game. 
  • Organizers made sure the tournament was organized accordingly. That's the reason why they are called organizers.
So now I say "thank you to NBS, Robinson's Malls and John Sy!"

People come and go but the game lives on.

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