Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Round 1 for RP Chess Team

Board pairing and matches for the Philippine Team in the first round of the 40th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul:

Open Category: :

Board 113 : Libya vs Philippines

Board 1:     Abobker Elarbi, 2259          - GM Wesley So, 2652
Board 2:     FM Ahmed Al-Zayat, 1977  - GM Oliver Barbosa, 2554
Board 3:     FM Hussien Asabri, 2211    - GM Mark Paragua, 2508
Board 4:     Hassan Asabri, 2179           -  IM Oliver Dimakiling, 2428

To give you guys an idea.

Of the one hundred fifty-eight nations participating in this edition, we are on the 35th rank. Two years ago, we were seeded on the 38th but finished at 50. Our country was represented by GM's Wesley, So, Eugene Torre, Darwin Laylo, John Paul Gomez and then IM Richard Bitoon. 

And for the Women's category.

Board 121 : Pakistan vs Philippines

Board 1:         Zenubia Wasif                               -    WIM Catherine Perena, 2091
Board 2:        Nida Mishraz Siddiqui, 1670  -    WFM Rulp Ylem Jose, 2061
Board 3:        Ghazala Shabbir                           -    Janelle Mae Frayna, 1991
Board4:         Fatima Shabbir Khua                 -    Jedara Docena, 2061

Out of the one hundred twenty-five teams playing in this tournament, the Women's team of the Philippines is ranked at 57. 

It appears to be a an easy, bonus round for the Philippines but I just hope and pray that they won't fall into the trap called over confidence and "drawtitis" which some of the Filipino players have proven to be good at.

Good luck!

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