Thursday, May 3, 2012

Results of 2nd Isulong Mo Chess Tournament

The results of the 2nd Isulong Mo Rapid Chess Tournament last May 1 is here courtesy of NA Gatz Luz. The tournament had two divisions, the Non-Master and the Kiddies. Organized by the Sicilian Chess Club in cooperation with Alphaland Southgate Mall. Tournament officials were NA Alex Dinoy as the Tournament Director, IA Rolly Yutoc as the Chief Arbiter, national arbiters Alfredo Chay, Milo Samaniego and Gatz Luz.

Just in case you don't know what those initials stand for:

IA - International Arbiter
NA - National Arbiter

The Top Ten for the Non-Master Section:
  1. Ivan Gil Biag with 7 points
  2. Roel Abelgas with 6.5 
  3. Jerry Areque 
  4. Garry Garcia
  5. Dennis San Juan
  6. Nelon Mariano III
  7. Christy Lamiel Bernales
  8. Narquinden Reyes
  9. Timothy So Kua with 6 points
  10. Narquingel Reyes with 6 points
A bunch of familiar names ruled the top ten for the non-master section. Surprisingly, I found the names Timothy So Kua and Christy Lamiel Bernales. Bernales has not been landing in the top spot in a very long time while So Kua placed 9th in a field full of veteran weekend players. On the 20th spot is DLSU's main player for the women's team,  Jan Jodilyn Fronda. She probably received the Top Lady Award but Bernales is on the 7th spot so how could the latter bag the Top Lady Award?

2nd Isulong Mo - Non-Master

The Top Ten for the Kiddies Section:
  1. Charles Abuzo with 7 points
  2. Tucker Howard Biernes
  3. Kenneth Melwyn Baltazar
  4. Giovanni Mejia
  5. Kyz Llantada
  6. Juan Carlos Presente
  7. Mark James 2 Marcella
  8. John Christopher Inoncillo
  9. Ian Jasper Forcado
  10. Carl Terrence Valdellon
From the list, there are two familiar names: Baltazar and Mejia. Both are veteran tournament players at a very young age. Gone are the names like Lagula, Nazario, Garcia, Medina and other age-groupers. Most of these players have gone up to junior and open tournaments. 

Of course we also have FM Paulo Bersamina who holds the Philippine record as the youngest National Junior Chess Champion at the age of 12. 

So here is the Scribd copy of the 2nd Isulong Mo Kiddies Section:
2nd Isulong Mo - Kiddies Final

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