Thursday, May 17, 2012

Filipino Language for my Blog

With the introduction of DepEd K-12 curriculum this year and the proliferation of reading materials in Filipino like Bob Ong's books and Lourd de Veyra's seminal thoughts, works and words, I am forced (inspired na lang!) to write in Filipino after this post.

Can I do it? Will I have the vocabulary fund (word bank) to sustain this task?

I tried to go Filipino last time when I started my Pinoy sa Morocco Blog but somehow I went back to posting in English.

What if I go Taglish? Englog?

Whatever it is, I feel I should answer one basic question and that is "How will I express myself better using this blog, should I write in English or in Filipino?

Maybe I'll use both. I'll try.

With my one year experience as an MYP Language B Filipino Teacher tucked in under my belly, I thinkI should really move forward and use Filipino.

I'll really try.

Until then!


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