Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Blues 2011

These days we have all the reason to laugh at ourselves for being the Filipinos that we are, the Nation that we are and the fools that we have always been. Newspapers have always sold stories that reflects the sad state of the Philippines.

Chief Justice Corona under fire, former President GMA in jail as well as former COMELEC Commissioner Benjamin Abalos. If, let's say Chief Justice Corona will fight the impeachment instead of resigning from his post, then we have so much to look forward to come February of 2012. The members of the Senate will have to listen to Senator Miriam Santiago to "hit the books" or else social networking sites will be flooded by one-liners everyone will mimic during their coffee breaks.

Still in the Senate, one newspaper run a story about the "existing plan" to unseat Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. For reasons and clarity not obvious to everyone, everybody wants a piece of the media mileage.

Only in the Philippines, the former president and now Pampanga representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo seeks permission from the court a chance to spend Christmas at home while Mr. Abalos claims he was asked by two lawyers of a P100-M in exchange for a favorable decision from the court.

Just last week, an aircraft crashed and killed at least 12 residents of the school. Thank God at least it happened on a weekend without any classes. Such a problem this crash left among the families of the dead, the insurance of the plane expired four days the accident.

And while majority of the kids below twelve years old are fooled by the commercialization of the whole thing called Christmas, an estimate of more than a hundred died after Tropical Storm Washi pummeled the Southern part of the Philippines: Iligan City, Cagayan De Oro, Zamboanga del Norte and Compostela Valley.

Department of Justice indicted retired Army Major General Jovito Palparan and three others for their alleged involvement in the disappearance of two University of the Philippines students.

Gecko smuggling wouldn't stop as long as buyers buy from them and the police force should know that those caught are usually the runners who only knows one thing, to deliver the goods.

Holiday blues for 2011, what else can there be? 

I visited MERALCO Chess Club with my 2 boys this morning and the news I heard about chess in the Philippines in general is just too much, its bad!

On our way home, Freedom and Miguel (and I) went to Igan D' Bayan's exhibit with his recent artworks The Head F#cks at the 4th Floor of SM Mega Mall A presented and organized by The Crucible. I was told by the guy manning the exhibit that all works were sold and the shows centerpiece called Spoilarium was sold at 350  thousand. The centerpiece was a twisted version of Juan Luna's Spolarium. I told the guy it could have been called Spooflarium. Igan's works remind you of the band Slipknot, Korn and the rest of the trash metal world's residents. I was stupid enough to ask the guy at the exhibit if Igan did a Charles Manson -- he didn't.

Then we went home feeling tired and exhausted,  holiday blues!

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