Friday, December 9, 2011

GM Joey Antonio Replaced

Well here is something not surprising for Philippine Chess:


Dear Sir,


I was informed this morning by Coach Webber (Sec.Gen. of Philspada) that I was removed as Head Coach of Philippine Paragames Chess Team without citing any reason.

A week ago,just right after I arrived from the 2011 SEA GAMES, I was even the one who conducted the last elimination for the selection of the National Chess Team for PARAGAMES with the presence of Ms. Nanie Apostol (NCDA) who knew all along that I was already removed as head coach but didn’t even bother inform me.

For 6 years, I headed the PARAGAMES Chess Team earning the most bemedalled event among all sports (pls see attached). Last April 2011, I was conferred as Head of all sports delegation in the recently concluded IBSA WORLD PARAGAMES in Antalya,Turkey. Afterwhich, I was already busy training in Tagaytay City for the 2011 SEA GAMES Palembang,Indonesia (for 2 events, ASEAN CHESS and RAPID CHESS)

I was replaced by Ms. Nanie Apostol, who doesn’t even know how to play chess and who surprisingly receives training allowances from PSC as head coach of elite chess players for the disabled.

Hence, I would like to formally complain my removal as Head Coach of PARAGAMES Chess Team slated Dec. 11-22,2011 without any due process at all by PHILSPADA.

Likewise, may I formally request also the reinstatement of my participation as Head Coach of the PARAGAMES Chess Team this coming December 11- 22, 2011. Because I believe, I deserve it more than Ms. Nanie Apostol , who knows nothing about the rudiments in chess…to head our blind and wheelchaired chess players.

Hoping that PSC will act on this matter.

Thank you Sir and Mabuhay!

Very truly yours,

Chess Grandmaster

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